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Design surrounds me, so I am always working on a home design project, a garden project, or an art project.


I work as a UX designer for touchscreen devices and enterprise applications. I drive the design from concept to release, detail features, create user flows & content, define interactions & error conditions … and play nice with developers. 


My goal is to create experiences that are delightful for the user.


The AT&T Self Service Kiosk was in need of some love. There wasn’t scope for a full redesign, so I had to work with what was there, address known user pain-points, add support for new functionality, then give it a facelift. See the case study

Case Studies

User Experience Design

Information Architecture

Creative Content

Visual Design

UX Research



LaQuinta hotels most loyal customers are lone salesmen travelling from city to town. The challenge was to build a new app that supported the "road warrior" with a quick, simple hotel reservation … usually made at the last minute. I was the UX Designer on the creative team. See the case study

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